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The Expanding Use of Intelligent Search

by Lyndsay WiseMonday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009 - Business intelligence and search have overlapped for the past couple of years to give end users easier access to the information they need to make better decisions. Generally, in these cases, search is used to identify pre-formed BI content in the form of reports or analysis that was already created. The actual use of enterprise search however, is much broader and can be used to add more value to organizations beyond simply searching for information and towards embedding intelligence into those applications. 

One such example is Endeca’s new McKinley release of the Information Access Platform.  Basically, this new platform provides an architecture for building enterprise search applications within a standards-based environment.  By taking advantage of 64-bit multi-core processors, the integration of XQuery, and other frameworks to create an open environment, Endeca’s new platform allows organizations to integrate data from anywhere to access it the way they need it.  For instance, external information from e-commerce sites can be collected along with internal documents and other data. The McKinley platform offers 100 new features as well as a re-designed engine that delivers new capabilities that include:

  • New MDEX Engine for faster search apps with lower total cost of ownership.
  • Integration with partner applications with new plug-in features including new user interfaces and an out-of-the-box Web service for querying the engine.
  • Rapid updates and continuous query to increase speed of updates and enable the updates to occur concurrently.
  • Increased scalability to10s of millions of records per box, which is a 50% - 100% improvement, depending on the characteristics of the information.

In addition to the new platform, Endeca has announced two additional offerings: the Endeca Commerce Suite and the Endeca Publishing Suite.  These solutions enable merchandisers and editors respectively to control the layout, search relevance rankings and ordering of menu options without relying on IT, giving them more flexibility to embed search within their applications. 

Going one step further and using search to help make better business decisions, Endeca has partnered with the Financial Times to launch Newssift.com, a site that monitors business news and ideas and opinions online and combines sentiment analysis to help customers sift through large amounts of content quickly to make more informed business decisions.

What these applications bring to light is that the use of enterprise search extends far beyond the ability to locate relevant data.  Now organizations can gather information that resides outside of their firewall and perform analyses such as identifying customer sentiments and market changes.  As the enterprise search and BI markets continue to mature, both sets of software will be able to be optimized further by their interoperability and being used together to perform more robust analyses.

About the Author

Lyndsay Wise is an industry analyst for business intelligence. For over seven years, she has assisted clients in business systems analysis, software selection and implementation of enterprise applications. Lyndsay is the channel expert for BI for the Mid-Market at B-eye-Network and conducts research of leading technologies, products and vendors in business intelligence, marketing performance management, master data management, and unstructured data. She can be reached at lwise@wiseanalytics.com. And please visit Lyndsay's blog at myblog.wiseanalytics.com.

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