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Top six BI trends for 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Following Gartner’s BIIM Summit in Sydney, Conrad Bates and Cameron Wall, managing partners of C3 Business Solutions, share the top six business intelligence trends they believe will drive the industry in 2012.

Gartner’s 2012 predictions for business intelligence focus on the challenges around Cloud, alignment with business metrics and a balanced organisational model between centralised and scattered. Forrester has looked toward 2012 with everything from the rise of individualised BI tools to Cloud to mobility to Big Data. At the recent Gartner BIIM Summit, industry panellists discussed issues such as BI spending under IT and finding the right people with BI skills.

There’s no doubt that 2012 will be an exciting time for business intelligence and information management. While there are many factors that will continue to influence and shape the industry—data quality, rising storage and network requirements, IT capabilities and business requirements—we’ve identified what we think are the top six BI trends for the year ahead.

BI in the Cloud

As Cloud computing continues to dominate the IT landscape, so too does the discussion of BI in the Cloud. Gartner is sceptical of Cloud BI take up, predicting that cloud offerings will make up just 3 per cent of BI revenue by 2013 as user adoption will lag far behind the expectations of vendors, according to CBR. In his top 10 BI predictions for 2012, Forrester analyst Boris Evelson believes that Cloud BI will continue to chip away at on-premises BI, but it’s still a long road ahead.

What we’re finding is that decision makers are still questioning the Cloud. The greatest challenge for organisations is the logistical issue of moving data into the Cloud initially. They need to look at the security network and bandwidth, the quality of the data they are transferring and planning to analyse and think about a usable interface.

Once data has been transferred to the Cloud, there are numerous cost-effective BI and big data tools available for organisations to take advantage of. CIOs need to approach discussions with management and the organisation with the benefits of BI in the Cloud and we should see an enthusiastic uptake.

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