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Trends in BI and Data Visualization

by Steve BogdonTuesday, February 2, 2010

In February, Dashboard Insight will focus on "trends in BI and data visualization."  This wide-ranging topic will surely deliver a variety of opinions and perspectives - we look forward to seeing what comes in!

The new year is already showing ongoing advancements in SaaS, rich internet and mobile applications, new developments in animation, analytics for end users, progress in data integration and convergence - where is all this going?  And how can we keep the growing costs and complexities under control?

Join us next month as we'll report on technology such as data-warehousing appliances and advancements in data visualization as well as addresses issues like compliance and the way dashboard and analytics use is evolving.  In addition, we'll take a look at more advanced trends - including the need for "shared context" (mashups) - and how that's adding value to organizations worldwide.  This and more is coming to you in February!


BI Trends In 2010
Dashboard Insight Asks BI Professionals What We Can Expect To See This Year

With February designated as "trends month" here at Dashboard Insight, we thought we'd take a look at what industry analysts are seeing in terms of trends for 2010. So, as we've done before, we contacted a number of business professionals and ask them to give us a one-paragraph answer to the question: "Where do you see BI trends going in 2010?"

Dashboard Insight Article

Advanced Trends In Data Visualization

In order to best conceptualize and intuit business trends, leading/lagging indicators, progressional outliers and the like, business users need a pictorial representation and manifestation of rows and columns. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, in modern times it is worth potentially tens of thousands of rows. No matter how well an organization’s data has been integrated; no matter how high the quotient of data integrity may be; no matter how minimal the latency of tactical information, or all-encompassing its breadth of business knowledge, corporate performance management will have deficiencies if visual analysis capabilities are lacking.

by: William Laurent, William Laurent, Inc.

Trends in BI and Data Visualization

In 2010, organizations will push their BI systems to improve decision-making and support business transformation. This will increase the need to better manage data and information assets. Data quality, governance and MDM will be critical. The market will strive to expand the use of BI and apply analytics to many more applications in a number of ways. Although we have categorized our view as ten trends in order to explore each one, they are very much interrelated.

by: Vickie Farrell, www.hp.com/go/bi

What is Hot in Business Intelligence for 2010 and Beyond

I continue to be very excited and encouraged by recent developments in enterprise business intelligence. Despite a recent global downtown in software sales, many BI dashboard vendors and solutions providers, both large and small, have aggressively accelerated their pace of innovation and service offerings. Over the last year, I was fortunate enough to meet with the leaders behind some of the more cutting-edge BI solutions and discuss in detail their company’s unique vision and value proposition for BI. What impressed me about these companies was not only the innovative quality and value (functionality/price) of their solutions portfolio, but the industry thought leadership that emanated from their senior management. The business intelligence industry continues to retain a brilliant knowledge-trust that is bent on breaking new ground in BI and transforming it for the better.

by: William Laurent, William Laurent, Inc.

The Growing Trend Towards More Platform-Based Dashboard Solutions

Traditionally, dashboards were part of vendors' larger product lines and weren’t the major focus of their offering, which usually concentrated on data consolidation and analytics. However, as dashboards became more popular in the corporate community, BI companies started to offer more dashboard-centric solutions.

by: Alexander Chiang, Dundas Data Visualization

2010: Old Decade, New Decade

Let’s look back at the last ten years of applying enterprise performance management methodologies, and then speculate about their next ten years.

by: Gary Cokins, SAS

Top 10 BI And Data Visualization Trends For 2010: Part 1

This article looks at assumed trends for the upcoming year. With many solution upgrades including in-memory analytics and an expansion of interactivity and data visualization, organizations can expect many new applications and upgrades that will positively affect their ability to gain better business insights. Part 1 of this article identifies trends such as a renewed focus on the business user, in-memory analytics, the increasing use of operational-focused BI applications, regulatory compliance, and embedded analytics.

by: Lyndsay Wise, WiseAnalytics

Top 10 BI And Data Visualization Trends For 2010: Part 2

Part 1 of this article discussed general business intelligence and data visualization trends including the increased focus on end-user-driven solutions, in-memory analytics, operational BI, regulatory compliance, and embedded analytics. The second part continues the analysis of trends for 2010 by looking at the growth of the data warehousing market, advanced data visualization, the impact of social networking on BI, the increasing use of varied forms of data within BI applications, and the renewed focus on fraud detection and security.

by: Lyndsay Wise, WiseAnalytics

Dashboard Insight will be adding "Trends in BI and data visualization" articles all month. If you would like your article featured here please contact Steve Bogdon for more information

Please check back often.


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