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Visual Mining Launches NetCharts Performance Dashboards for Business Users
End-User Solution Combines Sophisticated Analysis with Ease of Use

by Maroushka Kanywani, Editor, Dashboard InsightTuesday, February 10, 2009

ROCKVILLE, MD - February 10, 2009 – Visual Mining, a leader in delivering visualization solutions that instantly transform data into actionable business information, today announced the availability of a new product family, NetCharts Performance Dashboards™ for Business Users. These comprehensive, intuitive and effective dashboard solutions enable business users to analyze data, gain insight and make better business decisions.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards enables Agile Performance Dashboarding, the ability for an end user to quickly build dashboards that can react and adapt to the dynamic nature of a company's business. With this new product family, Visual Mining is extending its dominance in the data visualization and dashboard market.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards eliminates the tradeoff between ease-of-use and functionality inherent in current enterprise dashboarding and business intelligence (BI) solutions. With NetCharts Performance Dashboards, any project and any user can take advantage of the great speed and ease-of-use benefits when building dashboards - whether the project length is three months or three years.

"We have been using NetCharts Performance Dashboards to provide our customers with an effective way to analyze performance data of the applications they host on our platform," said Treb Ryan, CEO of OpSource, a provider of Web operations solutions. "Users can either use the default dashboards we provide, or they can easily create their own personalized dashboards on the fly and choose relevant key performance indicators to analyze and explore the performance metrics most important to them. NetCharts Performance Dashboards helps our customers deliver the best applications to their customers."

NetCharts Performance Dashboards enables business users to harness the power and customization of self-service business intelligence, performance tracking and benchmarking. The end user can now quickly produce dashboards to analyze their most critical business information with little or no IT involvement - an attractive alternative to the costly and lengthy implementation cycle associated with business intelligence tools on the market today.

"NetCharts Performance Dashboards provides a beautiful visualization front end to sophisticated data analysis capabilities that will help users get actionable use out of their data," stated Claudia Imhoff, president of consulting firm, Intelligent Solutions. "This product is very intuitive to use and decreases user reliance on IT by extending what the users can do on their own."

NetCharts Performance Dashboards represent a significant advancement in end user business intelligence. NetCharts Performance Dashboards are unique in three ways:

NetCharts Performance Dashboards allows business users to connect to multiple data sources.  It contains a comprehensive set of key performance indicator templates that allow users to rapidly design personalized data views.

NetCharts Performance Dashboards' wizard-based setup and administration makes it intuitive for business users to produce dashboards without the need to engage IT. Users simply select their data source(s), key performance indicators and chart templates to build their own dashboards. With NetCharts Performance Dashboards, the implementation cycle is shortened from months or weeks to mere hours.

The NetCharts Performance Dashboards' visualizations turn user data into actionable business information through comparative analytics, data grouping, powerful drill downs and extensive data filtering. The result is better insight into the data and an increased ability to identify trends, measure progress and track performance against goals.

Products and Pricing
NetCharts Performance Dashboards allows users to build dynamic, interactive dashboards and is available to users in four editions based on individual and organizational needs:

  • Excel Edition - Installs on an individual user's desktop for use with data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

  • Desktop Edition - Installs on an individual user's desktop for use with data from Excel and any of the supported relational databases.

  • Enterprise Edition - Installs on a workgroup or enterprise server for use by multiple users with data from Excel and any of the supported relational databases.

  • Salesforce.com Edition - A SaaS-based solution which integrates Salesforce.com data with NetCharts Performance Dashboards.

Prices start at $500 for NetCharts Performance Dashboards Excel Edition.

NetCharts Visualization Architecture
NetCharts Performance Dashboards leverages Visual Mining's unique NetCharts Visualization Architecture, the foundation of Visual Mining's successful NetCharts for Developers™ products.  These NetCharts products are in use at over 2,000 customer sites today. The NetCharts Visualization Architecture incorporates an interactive Web 2.0 interface, a data access and analysis engine, visualization rendering engines and a content template language

"In an economic environment where organizations are looking for innovative solutions to tackle increasingly challenging operating conditions, we are excited to announce the release of NetCharts Performance Dashboards," said Tristan Ziegler, CEO of Visual Mining. "By combining sophisticated analysis with ease of use, NetCharts Performance Dashboards will help to reshape how organizations approach business intelligence. With an affordable solution and a short implementation cycle, organizations of all sizes and users of all types will benefit from the addition of this powerful, interactive and easy-to-use offering that makes data analysis, reporting and dashboarding more flexible for the end user."

About Visual Mining

Visual Mining provides visualization solutions that instantly transform data into actionable business information. Visual Mining's NetCharts products deliver comprehensive solutions for both developers and end users that are intuitive and effective. NetCharts for Developers enables the rapid development and deployment of advanced data visualizations that easily integrate with applications and data sources. NetCharts for Business Users provides dynamic, interactive dashboard solutions that enable users to analyze data, gain insight and make better business decisions. Visual Mining's support and professional services teams compliment its products by providing the expertise to ensure success. Visual Mining: Visualize. Analyze. Capitalize.  www.visualmining.com.

Ivy Eckerman
Visual Mining
(540) 373-2963
(571) 243-2131

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