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Will MDM-In-A-Box Enable Enterprise-Wide Information Management?

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsWednesday, December 10, 2008

In a recent write up by AMR Research, the firm discusses the concept of MDM-in-a-box using Cognizant and Siperian as examples due to the recent announcement of their targeted solutions for life sciences.  “The firms are targeting mid-tier life sciences companies - an industry segment that needs a MDM vision and a solution that delivers immediate business value. MDM-in-a-Box will be marketed to both CIO’s looking for rapid ROI and line-of-business executives looking for real MDM solutions.”

With life sciences as an example, the addition of pointed solutions that can be deployed out of the box and that help organizations better manage their data ties into various broader initiatives such as enterprise information management (EIM) and data governance.  In the past, mid-tier companies may not have had the opportunity to implement a full MDM or information management.  Industries related to health and medicine specifically require solutions that enable them to manage their processes, demand for products and services, and profitability.  AMR feels, “the Medical Device industry is prime for this type of MDM solution, as it could integrate data for demand forecasting, inventory control, distribution and logistics management, and more.  This type of information is required for cost-to-serve analyses, which can yield great insights into profitability and more than justify the investment in MDM.”

Consequently, with the difficulty involved in maintaining data across disparate systems, the ability to initiate continuous data quality may only arise after all the other steps have taken place.  With MDM-in-a-box, however, life sciences firms may be better poised to develop organization-wide MDM because of the strong base offered by companies like Siperian.

In general, MDM creates the ability for organizations to centralize and manage disparate information, manage metadata, and tie data into business performance.  According to AMR, “if successful, MDM-in-a-Box will help companies create a modular roadmap for MDM to extend deployment beyond customer facing processes and drive unified data views across the enterprise.”  

Although this view provides insight into what may be, the ability to deploy an out-of-the-box solution targeted for one area, may not be easily expandable in terms of getting buy-in from outside entities. On a positive note, companies that choose to adopt these solutions are well on their way to the expansion of information management and hopefully, as an extension, data governance and data quality as well.

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