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Zencos and NaviSite Plan to Deliver Hosted Business Intelligence Solutions

by Lyndsay Wise, President, WiseAnalyticsFriday, October 31, 2008

Earlier this week, Zencos and NaviSite announced an agreement to offer hosted business intelligence solutions.  Leveraging Zencos’ BI consultancy and SAS BI implementation expertise and NaviSite’s focus on managed hosting solutions, the announcement positions the partnership as a new BI service offering within the market. 

Because of the growing desire for organizations to have cost-effective solutions with minimal management and maintenance of business intelligence internally, hosted solutions are becoming a much more realistic choice for many organizations. Whether because of a lack of internal IT infrastructure or wanting to access BI as a service, more organizations are looking at hosted BI as a potential way to access analytics.

"Recently, we have been focusing our attention on adding to our portfolio of services and solutions and now we have the opportunity to offer viable, hosted solutions that can deliver BI ROI to our customers faster and at a more affordable price," stated David Septoff, Zencos CEO. "By partnering with NaviSite, we feel that Zencos is in a better position to further architect, build, and support BI solutions for today's growing companies.

"With 11 years of leadership experience in enterprise-class hosting, NaviSite is uniquely positioned to bring to market an advanced range of managed, dedicated servers and full-service support especially designed for the growing BI market," said Sumeet Sabharwal, Senior Vice President of Dedicated Hosting at NaviSite. "By partnering with Zencos, we feel that we can provide best-of-class expertise in designing and deploying hosted BI solutions." 1

The benefits of two separate entities, each with its own expertise, partnering is that each party can focus on their expertise to deliver a solid solution.  The question becomes whether this type of offering will be able to make inroads into the overall market because of the amount of current players that offer hosted solutions.  Aside from a current focus on SAS BI solutions, it remains to be seen how future partnerships of this sort will benefit organizations looking for a hosted solution.  Alternatively, the ability to leverage consulting expertise may be a benefit over traditional on-demand solutions.  Consultants design solutions based on customer issues, as opposed to technological advancements.

1 http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Zencos-NaviSite-Announce-Hosted-Business/story.aspx?guid={C3402CA3-913F-48C5-BE7E-5290BF6BF7B0}
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