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2013 Enterprise Information Management Predictions Assessment

Monday, July 8, 2013

Justin Kern, senior editor at Information Management, assesses the various predictions from industry analysts.

The start of each year spurs waves of forecasts and predictions of what’s to come in every industry. With technological evolutions and wide-ranging maturity levels, few markets are harder to pin down accurately than developments in enterprise information management.

As we pass into the second half of 2013, we invited a few trusted analysts to revisit their start-of-the-year forecasts and tap into what has come to fruition as well as what remains up in the air.

Boris Evelson, principal analyst, Forrester Research

At the beginning of 2013, Evelson outlined a list of trends and areas of growth and decline. Evelson says few areas have undergone more attention and traction in the first six months of 2013 than with connections between BI and open source big data framework Hadoop.

“Regarding Hadoop - absolutely, we can hardly beat [the requests off] with a stick. Hadoop inquiries are coming left and right. Now, having said that, my Hadoop inquiries are mostly about best practices, [and] my clients inquire about the following: Now that we are managing Hadoop, how do we govern/manage/secure/etc. that data? You can't really govern what you haven't modeled yet, but you can't model it without giving me access to the entire universe of Hadoop data so that I can explore it. This quagmire makes risk and compliance officers go nuts. I am not aware of anyone who's uncovered best practices around this challenge.”

Hyoun Park, principal analyst, Nucleus Research

Park made a bold prediction that business intelligence adoption would explode as 2013 unfolded. While admitting it may have not panned out that way so far, Park says it’s “not for the reasons that I would have expected.”

“Although the value of analytics is clear, there are only certain sectors of BI that are growing quickly. We’re seeing rapid growth for SaaS-based solutions and for data visualization and discovery solutions. In speaking with end users adopting data discovery vendors like Tableau and QlikView or key SaaS BI vendors like GoodData and Birst or SaaS performance management vendors like Adaptive Planning and Host Analytics, I’ve repeatedly heard plans to double (or more) the number of seats or cores associated with an initial deployment.”

Park continues: “However, the largest vendors in the analytics space are also focused on selling traditional on-premise infrastructure. Because they are not following the easy money and selling where the BI market has the greatest demand, BI adoption is not going to double this year as a whole.”

Park still sees bright spots with BI in the following realms: “Analytics is moving up-market to become Platform-as-a-Service to support core business needs. Simple data requests are turning into dedicated applications that provide information that is scalable and easy to understand. [And] data integration and workflow management are becoming increasingly easy, which provides more complete data for analytic efforts and provides a more strategic big picture.”

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Source: Information Management

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