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2014 Will Bode Well for BI

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightThursday, December 19, 2013

Roman Vladimirov, Panorama Software, opines for SmartData Collective on what 2014 will bring for business intelligence.

So far, the current decade has been a series of successful years for the business intelligence market. With the rise of big data, predictive analytics and a number of other major trends, software platforms that use BI to its fullest possible potential have brought a great deal of benefits to businesses in countless sectors. Even though growth in spending related to analytics and BI has somewhat decreased from its initial furious pace, it does continue to expand.

According to predictions that have been released for 2014, BI is likely to continue on its upward trend, or at the very least remain at a consistently positive pace. Additionally, these reports have identified the trends among businesses that are likely to be dominant in the market throughout the next year and beyond. It will behoove business leaders and IT personnel to review this information and begin developing their plans for updating or expanding their big data projects with a well-rounded perspective.

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