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5 Tips: How to Transform Corporate Data into Operational Business Intelligence

Monday, September 20, 2010

The unfettered growth of unstructured data has left most companies with terabytes of valuable business information locked inside obsolete data sitting largely unused in a disk array and operating as a cost center rather than a profit generator. But companies can easily unlock the value of corporate data and transform it into useful decision support data, according to Digitiliti, Inc., the leader in Intelligent Information Management and Compliance solutions for small to midsized enterprises.

Business intelligence and decision support systems are traditionally built on information derived from structured data found in relational databases and data warehouses. But with the amount of business value hidden in vast resources of unstructured data, businesses need a new paradigm: Operational Business Intelligence. Operational BI systems are based on giving more people in an organization faster and easier access to more information to make better business decisions at the operational level. A highly-effective method to accomplish this is by implementing a comprehensive data management system that brings structure to unstructured data to unlock its business value. Here are five key points to consider that will enable companies to extract Operational Business Intelligence from obsolete, unstructured data:

Article sourced from www.businesswire.com, click here to read full story.

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