Data volumes are growing, and there are numerous challenges to the business to analyze and derive actionable insights from an ocean of data. Accessing and organizing unstructured data is an enormous challenge.

That is where big data analytics comes into the play. Large volumes of data, comprised of structured, as well as unstructured data, are organized and run against powerful algorithms on a distributed storage and retrieval platform to help users derive intelligence from this data.

The healthcare sector is highly governed, and issues like privacy and the implications for patients and clients are critical. Appropriate technology must be used to comply with industry and government standards for privacy and security of data.

That is not to say that these challenges cannot be met. As with most business decisions, choosing the right partner, and one who understands the challenges of the industry and of managing large volumes of data, is imperative.

Many business intelligence software vendors will focus on the features in the solution to promote sensitivity and impact analysis, and predictive analysis tools. At Elegant MicroWeb we believe that if the data behind the user interface isn’t complete and secured, the business will suffer.