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AdSafe Media Deploys Infobright Database for Online Advertising Reporting and Analysis

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Infobright, the open source analytic database company, today announced that AdSafe Media, the rating standard of online media, has deployed Infobright® Enterprise Edition (IEE) as part of its new Performance and Profit Analytics System. Used to determine attribution and effective buying strategies via real-time analytics, AdSafe's new platform delivers critical and actionable data to help media buyers identify areas of opportunity and better monetize their display advertising campaigns.

AdSafe’s rating system provides an independent, third-party content-rating and certification platform to help standardize and better control the online advertising ecosystem. With AdSafe's proprietary Firewall product, marketers' advertising only appears on sites with content deemed by the marketer to be consistent with brand image and corporate philosophy. AdSafe enables ad-networks to monitor their inventory performance and provides a third-party certification of publisher site content.

With double-digit growth in the number of campaigns managed each month and hundreds of millions of rows of data streaming in every day, AdSafe was looking for a faster, more scalable database alternative to its existing database. After reviewing various options, AdSafe selected IEE as its analytic platform that enables clients – including publishers, advertisers, networks and agencies – to perform fast ad-hoc analysis of online advertising campaigns. AdSafe also implemented an Hadoop cluster that stores all of the detailed data, from which data is extracted and loaded into Infobright.

“Infobright provided the query performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness we needed to accommodate our tremendous business growth,” said David Hahn, SVP Product Management, AdSafe Media. “We are very excited about the Infobright system, as it has given us tremendous value from a business perspective.”

“AdSafe Media is among the new breed of online companies experiencing rapid business growth, huge increases in data volume and a need for real-time intelligence. They understood the need to choose technologies that can support their current and future needs without adding cost and complexity,” said Don DeLoach, President and CEO of Infobright. “We are gratified that AdSafe is realizing the benefits that Infobright brings for high-performance analytics.”

About AdSafe Media

AdSafe Media is the rating standard of online media. AdSafe uses proprietary algorithmic modeling and human verification to rate the brand safety of content on commercially supported web pages via the AdSafe Content Rating System. AdSafe's BrandSafe Firewall enables brands, agencies and ad-networks to prevent advertising from appearing on publisher web pages that do not conform to brand guidelines. AdSafe's Network Monitor platform enables ad-networks and publishers to identify and segment problematic site content, increasing monetization of display inventory. AdSafe is headquartered in New York, NY with operations in California and London, England. For more information visit http://www.AdSafeMedia.com or follow @AdSafe on Twitter.

About Infobright

Infobright’s high-performance database is the preferred choice for applications and data marts that analyze large volumes of “machine-generated data” such as Web data, network logs, telecom records, stock tick data and sensor data. Easy to implement and with unmatched data compression, operational simplicity and low cost, Infobright is being used by enterprises, SaaS and software companies in online businesses, telecommunications, financial services and other industries to provide rapid access to critical business data. For more information, please visit www.infobright.com or join our open source community at www.infobright.org.

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