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Take an issues-driven approach to business intelligence

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, November 26, 2013

Business intelligence (BI) is great for any business to take advantage of, however flying into a BI project blind can be troublesome. Good vendors you'll find will ask what the issues are that your organization or department is facing, what you are looking to solve. Be the problem increasing revenue or sales volume, improve operational efficiency, or even that fact that you currently don't have proper access to your data.

Nerendra Mulani explores taking an issues-driven approach to business intelligence in a recent opinion piece for ComputerWeekly:

Companies find themselves surrounded by data, but struggle to extract the true “intelligence” their business intelligence systems promise. They should consider a new approach that Accenture describes as “issues-driven business intelligence”.

Business intelligence, or BI, has a very broad definition and use in the market.

Depending on analytics skills level, technology capability, and business objective, organisations apply BI in a variety of different ways – ranging from a single query in a marketing department, to exploring new business opportunities in a country/region, to uncovering enterprise-wide operational efficiencies.

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