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Analytics in 2012 Backs Big Data, Cloud Trends

Thursday, December 29, 2011

In its annual analytics forecast, IIA and its analysts, including analytics expert Thomas Davenport, slated analytics to follow trends of big data and cloud proliferation in 2012, bringing along a spate of new capabilities and applications. Analysis of big data ranked as the biggest issue in analytics in the coming year, and IIA experts stated that it expects big data analytics to become cheaper and more accessible as vendor offerings for unstructured data, in-memory analytics and data appliances mature. In a related prediction, IIA ranked privacy concerns from analytics with big data as its fourth most notable prediction for 2012, with online browsing behavior and the collection and sale of data to third-party brokers expected to come under more scrutiny.

Read more on trends in analytics for 2012 here. Sourced by Information Management

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