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Analyzing Facebook Data with MicroStrategy’s Wisdom

by Alexander 'Sandy' Chiang, Research Director, Dashboard InsightThursday, January 26, 2012

I’m currently at the MicroStrategy World Conference in Miami. I’m impressed with Miami’s weather (a staggering 25 Celsius average over the last 3 days) and MicroStrategy's offering called Wisdom.

Wisdom is a free application that blew me away. It visualizes data that many marketers would kill for including age, gender, and location.  The visualizations could use much improvement, but the data represented was quite interesting. I can:

  • Compare brands and how they perform against each other
  • Find other music bands I may be interested in if I liked "Pearl Jam"
  • Find out how many people like Coca-Cola

How does it do this? It uses Facebook data.  How does it get this data? Facebook users opt-in to let Wisdom anonymously use their profile data.  How big is the user database? According to MicroStrategy, there are over 5 million users opting in and roughly 75,000 users joining every day.

I only caution that you analyze the information with a grain of salt. Afterall, Facebook users are a type of demographic in itself.

In any case, it's a free app worth checking out. There is an enterprise version called Wisdom Analytics, as well. You can find out more about Wisdom here.

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