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Aster Data's Data-Analytics Server and Analytic Power of SQL-MapReduce Draws New Partners

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aster Data, a proven leader dedicated to providing the best data management and data processing platform for big data analytics, today announced four new partners that are working closely with Aster Data's data-analytics server, nCluster, to simplify development of highly-advanced and interactive analytic applications that process extremely large data volumes. Aster Data's solution is a massively parallel database with an integrated analytic engine that leverages the MapReduce framework for large-scale data processing. By coupling the SQL language with MapReduce, Aster Data brings organizations the power of MapReduce with the familiarity of SQL. These companies, like many others, are building data-driven applications that leverage the ease and power of Aster Data's SQL-MapReduce framework and Aster Data's suite of over 30 business analyst-ready analytic packages and over 1000 power-user functions. The Aster Data Analytic Foundation packages and functions were announced yesterday in a separate release.

Article sourced from www.marketwire.com, click here to read full story.

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