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Aternity Releases v5.0 of Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform

Monday, May 30, 2011

IT managers--or for that matter, line of business managers--may increasingly see what their end users are seeing in the way of application performance.

This opportunity to examine the practical, day-to-day end user computing experience from the outside in, rather than from the data center system outward, means problems that end users have come to tolerate, because they can't do anything about them, may be possible to identify and diminish or banish altogether.

There are several end user-oriented performance monitors in play, such as HP's Mercury Interactive products, Compuware, and Empirix. One cited in the 2010 Gartner report, "APM Innovators: Emerging Vendors Drive Market Evolution," was Aternity, which released version 5.0 of its Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform on Tuesday.

Article sourced from Information Week. For the full article click here.

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