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Attensity Releases New Text Analytics Solution For The Telecom Industry

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Attensity, the leading provider of text analytics solutions for Customer Experience Management (CEM), today announced a new Telecom Industry Solution that offers carriers and mobile device manufacturers the ability to analyze and act on customer conversations, no matter where they take place. The new offering is the first in a series of industry-specific solutions designed to make it easy for Attensity customers to implement and get fast ROI from the company's industry-leading customer analytics and engagement applications.

The new module enhances Attensity's flagship multi-channel analysis product, Attensity Analyze, and its multi-channel service and engagement application, Attensity Respond, by leveraging tens of thousands of telecom-specific customer data points to create out-of-the-box category sets, topics, reports and dashboards tailored for telecom business users. Using this solution, telecom companies will be able to mine customer conversations taking place in social media, email, SMS messages, survey responses and CRM notes, and use that information to drive business decisions and enhance the customer experience.

"The Attensity Telecom Industry Solution leverages our full range of patented text analytics capabilities, including Exhaustive Extraction, targeted extraction and classification, to deliver rapid out-of-the-box value to carriers and mobile device manufacturers," said Catherine van Zuylen, vice president of global product management at Attensity. "It allows telecom companies to harness the hidden value of customer conversations to improve service, reduce churn, and provide new insights to product and service development teams that build loyalty and create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities."

Available immediately, the Attensity Telecom Industry Solution extracts industry-specific terminology and issues that aid with analysis and categorization on numerous topics, and includes out-of-the-box reports, dashboards and reusable analytics for:
*       Buzz Analysis
*       Sentiment Analysis
*       Product Quality, Customer Service and Safety Issues
*       Churn Analytics
*       New Product Launch Monitoring
*       Marketing Campaign Tracking
*       Competitive Analytics
*       Survey Analytics
*       Product Innovation, Suggestions Tracking
*       Customer Behavior and Preference Profiles
*       Customer Demographics
*       Customer Engagement Response Queues

The industry-rich category sets enable users to augment and modify packaged categorization to meet their specific business needs. The solution also enables users to run analysis in almost any third-party business intelligence application, including SAP Business Objects and Microstrategy.

Telecom Report

In conjunction with the release of its new solution, Attensity is releasing an industry report titled "What Social Customers Can Tell Telecom Providers About Their Business," which provides an up-to-the-minute analysis of customer conversations about the telecom industry using the Attensity Telecom Solution. The report includes a detailed look at customer conversations in social media about new product introductions such as the Verizon iPhone and the RIM Playbook, and identifies key insights into customer preferences and top issues for both device manufacturers and carriers. The Telecom Industry Report is available here: http://www2.attensity.com/telecomstudy

About Attensity

Attensity helps the world's leading brands leverage customer conversations as a business asset. Using Attensity's integrated suite of customer analytics and response applications, organizations can tap the wealth of data stored in both internal and online sources, and use that information to improve the customer experience with their brands. Attensity's award-winning Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions are built on a massively scalable text analytics platform that enables organizations to listen, analyze, relate and act on customer conversations, no matter where they take place. From its headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., and Kaiserslautern, Germany, Attensity is powering the customer experience strategies of companies such as Charles Schwab, Citigroup, HP, JetBlue, Lloyd's Banking Group, Siemens, Starwood Resorts, Travelocity and Whirlpool. Visit www.attensity.com and follow the company at blog.attensity.com, on Twitter @Attensity, and on facebook.com/Attensity

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