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Azure-based Application Gives Fast, Mobile Access to Microsoft BI and Data

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

IDV Solutions today announced the launch of Fetch!, software for fast, mobile device access to Microsoft’s SharePoint, PerformancePoint, SQL Server, and other enterprise data.  Customers can use Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android, or other device to quickly retrieve records, reports, and custom BI mash-ups from dozens of different data sources. 

Fetch! goes beyond existing mobile BI apps in three key areas.  First, Fetch! is a single point of access to all enterprise data, and answers returned by Fetch! can be a mix of any and all connected data sources.  Second, Fetch! provides the ability to rapidly define commands that return the desired content, so teams can be up and running on Fetch! in just a few hours.  Lastly, Fetch! works both as a full featured browser app, as well as an email-based query tool for devices that do not have browser support.

“Empowering the users in the boardroom, in the field, and on the road--when access to a desktop or laptop is not an option--was key for Fetch development,” explained Ian Clemens, CTO of IDV Solutions.  “Fetch gives you immediate access to key business data from throughout the enterprise and across the Web, right from your mobile device, whenever you need it, wherever you are.”

Fetch! lives in Microsoft’s Azure cloud framework, providing the benefits of broad access, on-demand self-service, and rapid scalability.  In addition to Microsoft products, Fetch! also connects to other enterprise data sources like Oracle, cloud based services like Salesforce.com, and other relevant content via an SDK. 

Fetch! is applicable to every business unit in an organization, providing on demand access to the information important to decision making.  Examples include up-to-date sales forecasts, a list of who has entered a particular building on campus, a look at present demand across a channel for a product line, and a real-time view of accounts receivable.

Fetch! arms executive leadership and personnel in the field with a single point of access to up to the minute enterprise data so that they can respond to customers & stakeholders instantly, resolve problems faster, and make decisions in real-time.

About IDV Solutions

IDV Solutions is a business intelligence software company committed to helping organizations gain more insight from data. By repeatedly solving key problems for customers in the Global 2000 and government, IDV and its products have earned a reputation for innovation, speed, and the highest quality user experience. For more information, please visit www.idvsolutions.com

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