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Big data and predictive analytics: When is enough data enough?

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightThursday, October 10, 2013

Nicole Laskowski, Senior News Writer at SearchCIO.com, explores the question of when do we need to realize that more data may not be the path to insight.

"Michael Berry is taking a stand against the big data hype. More data, said the analytics director for travel website TripAdvisor, doesn’t always mean better business results. Case in point: big data and predictive analytics.

“Many predictive analytics applications turn out not to need all of the data,” Berry said during his keynote talk at Predictive Analytics World. So the real task for data scientists et al. isn’t figuring out how to analyze all the available data; instead, it’s figuring out how much data it takes to see something worth noting. The bad news?"

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Source: SearchCIO.techtarget.com

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