Customer service, ease-of-use and flexible mobile functionality are concerns across all consumer websites. No matter the purpose of the software (eCommerce, CMS, Business Intelligence, etc.) every site has to think of the customer and the business user and provide simple tools that will enable interaction, productivity and swift completion of tasks. The only way to monitor and respond to results and improve revenue and customer satisfaction is for the business and its employees to have access to a dashboard solution. A good dashboard solution can be personalized to the needs of each role and function and can provide meaningful views of key performance indicators, balanced scorecards, forecasting and impact analysis, etc.

We at ElegantJBI believe that a software solution provider must give a business a user-friendly enterprise tool. The business intelligence tools, balanced scorecard, corporate performance management, dashboard software and other modules we offer are focused on support for business analysts and implementation teams but these tools must also give the end user and customer an intuitive interface, sophisticated features and business value. Users have to be able to learn or be trained on an application quickly if an enterprise wants swift and full adoption.