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Business Intelligence and the Human Touch

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightThursday, December 12, 2013

With all of the talk recently about robots and analytics replacing jobs it can be easy to forget that sometimes, even with all the bias and faults that we have, business intelligence needs the "human touch". Jason Hannula discusses the human touch and business intelligence in a recent post on Midsize Insider:

The business benefit of engaging in big data and data analytics to generate business intelligence has been firmly established in 2013. The key resource for wrangling masses of data and creating value from it is the elusive and high-priced data scientist. As John Furrier points out at Forbes, more value is not pulled from the data by simply hiring more data scientists or bypassing the data scientist and installing a software-only solution. Embracing data analytics across the entire business requires some fundamental reorganization centered around the data. This is a more interdisciplinary approach to interacting with the data, involving the adoption of collaboration and social business methods. Data management tools aid with data handling, but true business intelligence is still generated from human interpretation.

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