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Business Intelligence Cost of Deployment

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A barrier to entry of business intelligence for many mid-market organizations is the perception of high costs with variable returns. Many organizations seem unsure as to how to get value out of their business intelligence solutions. Beyond this, organizations may feel that business intelligence is not practical due to the high implementation and ongoing support costs. But is this really the case? With the plethora of solutions now targeted to mid-market companies, it would seem that low cost options exist to give organizations the ability to take advantage of business intelligence without breaking the bank. Because these solutions tend to offer more flexible pricing structures, it would stand to reason that options exist for organizations that fall outside the traditional view that business intelligence is out of reach for many organizations.

So, what should organizations expect to spend when looking at business intelligence solutions – and what is realistic? This article aims to explore general pricing structures of business intelligence solutions and what organizations should expect when evaluating the cost of BI solutions within their organizations.

Article sourced from www.b-eye-network.com, click here to read full story.

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