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BI’s Dirty Secrets

Monday, January 16, 2012

...despite the attention, technological capabilities and investments there are dirty secrets in our industry that analysts and pundits do not like to admit:

  • Spreadsheets are the BI tool of choice for business people. Many enterprises use several BI tools, yet the only pervasive BI tool is a spreadsheet.

  • Manually coded extracts are the predominant data integration tool to get data into those spreadsheets (and often into the databases) used for reporting. IT often used a data integration tool to get data into a data warehouse, but to then get data into data marts, OLAP cubes or other databases or tables used for reporting IT uses SQL scripting. Business people use the capability that Microsoft Excel offers to gather data and often supplement this by leveraging Microsoft Access.

Learn more about the BI infrastructure within organizations here. Sourced by SmartData Collective

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