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Cisco to Buy Composite Software

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cisco continues its rampant attention to segments connected to its cloud and networking channels with a $180 million proposal for virtualization software and services vendor Composite Software.

Cisco pointed specifically to Composite’s virtualization software bringing along API, cloud and data unification enhancements to its Smart Services and Unified Computing System. In addition, Composite’s virtualization software would be combined with the integration platform of another recent Cisco acquisition, SolveDirect. Hilton Romanski, Cisco VP and head of business development, wrote in a blog on the proposed deal: “The proliferation of traditional and new data sources plus the movement of data to the cloud complicate a company’s ability to access all of its data assets. This creates an important need to complement traditional data warehousing by providing a real-time, consolidated logical view of data, better known as data virtualization.”

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