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Cloud business intelligence market will be worth $4bn by 2017

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, February 25, 2014

While cloud business intelligence doesn't currently occupy a large chunk of the business intelligence pie we can expect to see a steady growth as companies deal with larger amounts of data and security concerns are shored up. Tom Pringle writes for ComputerWeekly.com on the expected growth in the market size by 2017:

The market for business intelligence (BI), already worth some $85.9bn this year – a measure combining BI software and related professional services – is evolving into a mass market, writes Tom Pringle. My forecast of double-digit growth through 2017 across the BI market is shaped by a belief that the benefits of BI are starting to reach a far greater audience, made possible by developments in BI technology and how it is accessed.

It is often said that the most commonly used software tool for analysis of data is Excel. So consider what might happen if those Excel users were granted access to the functionality of BI in a way that has, until recently, been restricted by the expense, complexity and long deployment times traditionally associated with BI – the rise of a mass market for BI and a period of disruptive but positive change in the market for BI.

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