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Colleges Are Using Big Data To Predict Which Students Will Do Well--Before They Accept Them
Can predictive analytics determine which students succeed and which will fail? More universities are finding that the answer is yes.

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightWednesday, October 23, 2013

Neal Ungerleider writes for Fast Company on the use of analytics by Universities and Colleges to predict which students will perform better even before they are accepted.

"Students at America's high schools, colleges, and universities are well into their first semesters. But while they plow through their assigned readings and write essays, administrators are turning their grades and their professors' evaluations into millions upon millions of tiny data points. Much like every other field in the world, education is embracing big data--only, this time, they're using it to determine who will thrive in college, who will fail, and who will need some extra help.

David Wright is Wichita State University's (WSU) Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. In his position, Wright is responsible for overseeing the vast amounts of data WSU uses to track student and faculty performance. Like a growing number of American educational institutions, Wichita State uses predictive analysis tools to optimize their offerings and steer help to students who need it."

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Source: Fast Company

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