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Comparing Capabilities for BI Dashboards Software

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightMonday, December 9, 2013

Tableau vs. Birst vs. MicroStrategy vs. Qlikview Vs. LogiXML vs. SAP: Which BI Tools are best? DMG Federal discusses some of the strengths and weaknesses of some of the more predominant BI dashboard software vendors.

If you’ve worked with Microsoft Excel, Access, or similar software, you know how integral logical design and programming are for creating useful reports from raw data. You need to determine what your data is, how to organize it, and how you want it displayed in the final reports. These are intense exercises that leave many folks frustrated and dizzy from banging their heads against the desk. For the newbs, or technologically challenged, among us there’s no need to fear. Several Business Intelligence (BI) companies have developed and are marketing cutting-edge technology that enables regular business users, not just the IT folks, to create interactive, visually stimulating reports via dashboards.

The graph below illustrates current capabilities for leading BI (read “dashboard”) vendors, in alphabetical order:

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