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Dashboard Design: Important Things You Need to Know
by Amy Lawson - Taxcreditguide.co.uk

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dashboard design will definitely put your organizing skills into the test. Not only because there are myriads and myriads of parameters to keep in check but because your blog management would definitely depend on it. The Dashboard is basically the admin interface at the back end of web site. This is where you could find everything you need to keep your site running smoothly. Think of it like your car's dashboard. Dead straight in front of you, you will find the steering wheel, gauges for speed and fuel levels as well as gear number.

The car's concept is the best way to understand what should be present in your dashboard. All important parameters should be set dead straight in front of you with all the minor details in the peripheral. In order to create an effective dashboard design, you must first understand the need, purpose, and importance of the indicators to strategically place them in your dashboard.

The Need

In order to create an effective dashboard design, ask yourself, who needs the dashboard? For managing a small businesses web site, the design should include pretty much of everything. From comments, links, traffic, down to statistics. Everything should be effectively positioned so as to provide easy access. However, for large businesses with a whole team of web developers, the only thing that should present on his/her dashboard are those they need to perform their function. This allows them to be more focused on their jobs and contribute to the group's teamwork.

The Purpose

Each indicator found in the dashboard has a purpose. It may either quantify the number of visitors, posts and comments in your website. Knowing the purpose of each parameter would allow you to cut out unnecessary windows in your dashboard allowing you to optimize your attention on the things that count. Also, if the charts are relatively important or complementary, it would be a great idea to place them next to each other for easier reference.

The Importance

This is where you prioritizing skills come in. Like any dashboards, the important indicators should be arranged with the most important at the top and with the lesser yet still important ones on the succeeding. This will give you an easier navigation of your web site. This will also eliminate the need to scroll down from time to time since everything you need has been prioritized.

Dashboard Design is for everybody

You don't have to be a techno geek or and IT graduate in order to create an effective as well as efficient dashboard. With a few practices and light reading, you could create a dashboard design that would save you the time and keep you posted at all times. And if you think that only bloggers can benefit from dashboard design, think again. According to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, the My New Business was such a hit that it is looking forward to launching an online tax program. Here, hmrc tax credits can be managed by signing in an online form. With a registered account, you can manage your tax liabilities and payment dues with a dashboard. This a good way to practice your dashboard design skills and manage your tax credits at the same time.

Amy Lawson is a writer for Taxcreditguide.co.uk.

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