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Data Science and Data Scientists: What’s in a Name?

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightWednesday, November 13, 2013

New terms abound in the data world (big data, chief data officers, data discovery) data science and data scientist are no exception. It's not that these are very new, just the that names are.

Todd Saunders writes for Information Management on the emergence of the data scientist and data science:

Once again, people in the information management field are confronted with a new term surrounded by lots of excitement and promise, but also lots of hype and ambiguity. The term du jour is data science. I will attempt to give a reasonable definition for data science and describe the capabilities possessed by a data scientist. I’ll also attempt to compare and contrast data science with business intelligence and data analysis, which often seem to be confused with (or considered synonymous with) with data science.

The Hype

The hype is nearly impossible to miss. Large numbers of articles and blogs, often with provocative titles, have been published. For example, back in 2009 Mike Driscoll wrote an article, “The Three Sexy Skills of Data Geeks.” And about a year ago, the Harvard Business Review published an article titled, “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” Let’s face it, in the technical fields we don’t see titles like that very often! The website KDNuggets, which focuses on the data mining community, reported that, “The big demand for analytics, data mining, and data science professionals led to a significant jump in their salaries in 2013.” And many colleges and universities are beginning to offer courses and degrees in data science.

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Source: Information Management

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