At the moment, pretty much all games have some sort of Data Visualization. As we progress in game development, it is no longer point and click, like in older games such as Pong! That being said, the need of constant information is very important to be successful in any game. These in-game mini dashboards are very similar to what a corporate dashboard would do, quickly allow a player to make a decision that will help them progress.

When you look at games such as World of Warcraft(one of the most successful games in recent history), the amount of data being displayed is astronomical. From how much health, strength, or power a character has, to the amount of different abilities a character has. The data visualization goes as far as to show every aspect of a character so that they can make informed decisions on whether they should engage in something or not!

Data Visualization is pretty much everywhere you look within games and consoles. As we continue to bring the next big titles to the market, this visualization will only grow!