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DataMentors Enhances Product Offering With Information Asset Partners’ Financial Behavior Metrics

Thursday, March 3, 2011

DataMentors LLC, a full-service data quality and marketing analytics provider, announced the integration of Information Asset Partners’ (IAP) financial behavior metrics, Empirics, into DataMentors’ current suite of business intelligence solutions.

Empirics provides product-specific behavioral information for assessing and targeting market opportunity, allowing companies to match customer and prospect databases to a set of behavioral propensities.  As business intelligence is improved, companies gain invaluable insights into assessing market potential, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and changes in the competitive environment.

“Empirics is quickly being recognized as the next generation of analytics for financial services marketing,” said Pete Giraldi, DataMentors’ Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “Replacing a well-established incumbent is always difficult, however Empirics’ objective and innovative research-based approach is revolutionizing the marketplace.”

"Financial firms have volumes of internal customer data, but in today’s highly competitive environment, you need an objective view of current opportunities,” added Dr. Raisa Suhir, Co-Founder and Director of Analytics and Development, IAP. “Working with DataMentors will allow clients to leverage their investment in customer and prospect identification by gaining insights into expected financial behavior. Empirics can be used to assess and manage customer loyalty as well as customer value, which are critical elements in today's financial services market."

Traditional database marketing is often based on demographic data, analysis of response lists and historical campaign data.  Empirics metrics will enable companies to benchmark marketing program potential and performance, in addition to better evaluating customer acquisition and loyalty programs.  “Empirics behavior metrics gives companies a powerful new way to predict future performance of customers and prospects and stay competitive in today’s market,” stated Giraldi.

About DataMentors LLC

DataMentors is a provider of database preparation and maintenance marketing solutions featuring DataFuse, ValiData, PinPoint and NetEffect. These services are used individually or as an integrated end-to-end turnkey database solution for a clean, highly granular and accurate 360-degree view of the customer through data validation, transformation, standardization and householding. DataMentors leverages proprietary data discovery, reporting and analysis, campaign management, data mining and modeling practices, identifying insightful customer sales and marketing directions. www.datamentors.com

About IAP

Information Asset Partners develops market metrics that help organizations improve marketing performance and ROI. Our approach links strategy and tactics with objective metrics of today’s buyers, their channel affinities, and investment intents. In retail financial services, IAP’s Empirics solution helps marketers evaluate markets and customer portfolios, optimize marketing resource deployment, and improve tactical marketing performance. Visit our Web site at www.iapartners.com.

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