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Deciphering the maze of business intelligence analytics technologies

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Since 2010, when Forrester asks about organisations' top software priorities, the number one ranked priority has been business intelligence (BI). The ability to effectively extract, analyse, and interpret vast quantities of data has simply become critical to business strategy decisions. Investments in BI analytics reflect the importance being placed on these technologies.

However, the large number of analytics technologies at differing levels of maturity and adoption has, in many cases, left planners of BI confused as to which technology should be adopted and for which scenario.

As a result, my colleague, Holger Kisker, and I used Forrester's TechRadar methodology to examine 15 key analytics technologies to identify their usage scenario, current maturity within the enterprise, future trajectory, key vendors, as well as estimated costs for implementation.

The technologies analysed included the following: reporting, dashboards, performance analytics, embedded analytics, web analytics, process analytics, predictive analytics, OLAP, advanced visualisation, metadata-generated analytics, location analytics, search/discovery, streaming analytics, nonmodeled data exploration and discovery, and finally text analytics. Forrester clients can read the full report here.

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Source: ComputerWorldUK

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