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Deriving Data Intelligence from Unstructured Data with Data Visualization

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Steve Kearns, director of product management at DataGravity, writes on the use of data visualization with unstructured data.

"Visualization tools can support data from multiple sources and join or overlay the results, providing companies with a way to extract meaningful business intelligence from unstructured data.

Like their bigger brethren, mid-sized companies are struggling to manage tens of terabytes of data about their customers, markets and products a veritable gold mine of information, if only they knew how to excavate it.

In the last two years alone, businesses have generated more data than we saw in the previous 60 years. Thanks to innovations in deduplication, compression, incremental increases in hard drive density and falling solid state drive (SSD) prices, companies are finding ways to store the massive influx of data. The real challenge, however, goes beyond storage. This data is rich with intelligence that could inform business strategy, reduce costs and drive growth, but few smaller companies have the budgets or the staff to unlock its potential. These businesses need a solution that can provide answers and intelligence without breaking budgets or requiring a data scientist."

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Source: Network World

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