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Don’t Get Caught by the Data Tax

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

With data being touted as “the new currency”, it is only logical that a tax is soon to follow. For now, this tax is not in the form of some government legislation designed to refill the public coffers. Rather, it is the operational burden that increasing data is unnecessarily putting on companies. The issue is compounded by the use of data management tools, which creates ever-increasing data about the data (meta-data).

dbaDIRECT, the leader in intelligent remote database administration services, is tackling the issue with the latest release of its ONguard Service Delivery Platform. ONguard 3.0 uses web-based technology to connect dbaDIRECT’s customers to the remote services being provided by the company. This latest version has been extended to include real-time monitoring, user-defined graphical dashboards, and data analysis.

Article sourced from www.businesswire.com, click here to read full story.

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