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Dundas Dashboard 2.5.1 Helps Business Intelligence Customers Take Action Using Innovative Data Visualization

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dundas Data Visualization today announced the launch of Dundas Dashboard v2.5.1, an extensible data visualization platform for building full business dashboard solutions. The latest release of Dundas Dashboard continues to showcase Dundas’s expertise in the data visualization and business intelligence fields.

"We are very pleased to announce the release of Dundas Dashboard 2.5.1," said Mariana Stoica-Constantin, Dundas Director of Product Development.  “By giving business leaders new dashboard reporting tools they are able to understand their data better. Through meaningful visual interfaces to data, they are not only able to make the right business decisions; they are on their way to taking successful action.”

Some of the key tools within Dundas Dashboard V2.5.1 include:

Time Over Time Analysis

Comparing your metrics over time is even easier with our time series analysis functionality.  Now you can quickly see how your business is doing compared to a previous year, month, week, day or any custom range of time.  This provides more context to your trends enabling you to gain more insight into your performance.

Associate Color-Codes to Your Metrics

Your organization may have specific colors associated with products, regions, or any other type of category.  Now you can associate these colors to these categories across your dashboards allowing you to provide consistency in your visualizations.

More Data Security

Windows credentials can now be used to enhance your dashboard security. By using a user's Windows credentials when logging into a dashboard, only data they are privy to will appear in the dashboard. This ensures the right people are looking at the right data.

"Dundas Dashboard has always had a great reputation as a solution that targets Business Intelligence needs,” Stoica-Constantin added. “As customer needs evolve, I am proud to be a part of a team that continually delivers solutions to those needs.”

The production release of Dundas Dashboard v2.5.1 is available now.  For more information about our award-winning dashboard software and solutions please visit the Dundas website at www.dundas.com.

About Dundas Data Visualization, Inc.

Dundas provides comprehensive data visualization solutions via our award-winning dashboard software, helping companies quickly visualize their data, spot key trends/patterns and make better business decisions. Since 1992 Dundas has designed and delivered countless business intelligence dashboard solutions to organizations around the world, including numerous Fortune 100 companies.

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