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Enterprise mashups: Tools build data integrations

Friday, October 30, 2009

Organizations have long labored under an outstanding backlog of data integration, business intelligence and customized reporting jobs. Over the years a variety of technologies have arisen to address these or similar problems - most recently, so-called enterprise mashups.

Enterprise mashups have arisen in recent years as a tool said to let end-users — with some help from developers - build their own data integrations. Services are central to most of these offerings — often too are Ajax front-ends. Still, the enterprise mashup space is notable for diversity. Data staging, publish-and-subscribe messaging, XML data mining and other traits may be included at different times.

Mashups present data from a number of internal and/or external disparate data sources in one unified dashboard. Among a host of enterprise mashup and related software specialists are Active Endpoints, Actuate, Composite Software, Cordys, Denodo Technologies, IBM, JackBe, Kapow Technologies and others.

Article sourced from www.techtarget.com, click here to read full story.

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