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Expanding data compliance within Excel use

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Datawatch Corporation, a provider of business intelligence solutions, has announced their new release, Monarch version 10.5.  The uniqueness in this announcement is that it allows users to manage their data and meet compliance requirements through the use of Excel.  In general, most organizations have proliferated Excel use.  When looking at business intelligence, many people use Excel to manage information and to analyze data. The issue arises when people use Excel as the key entry point of information access, meaning that individuals control, edit, and make changes to data used to plan and identify business performance and/or opportunities.  Because of the lack of validation within Excel, the ability to develop analyses based on incorrect assumptions and data manipulation are quite large. Consequently, organizations require the ability to use Excel and to interact with data, while still being able to validate the data being used to ensure proper data governance and overall compliance.

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