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Expanding Data Visualization to create best of breed applications

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

With dashboards becoming the front end access point to business intelligence applications and to deeper analysis, it stands to reason that many different types of data visualization would become part of what dashboards encompass.  These can include dials, gauges, charts, embedded reports, and the list goes on.  As technology and use has become more mature, organizations look for ways to improve visibility into geographical information and overall location intelligence.  This has caused many vendors to add this type of functionality into their overall offerings, enabling customers to visualize performance using map and satellite images. 

A subset of organizations require this information on a deeper level to analyze geographic information and to consolidate information from various data sources into one view to create a single map view of multiple data attributes, such as geographic region or time. The announcement of SpatialKey On-demand is one such offering that does this using a Software as a Service model that enables organizations to upload multiple data sets and sort and filter information into a single map view or a series of location intelligence graphs. SpatialKey is a product of Universal Mind; a software development company helping organizations build custom applications.  The development of SpatialKey was based on the increasing demand of customers needing easy to access, develop, and use location intelligence without requiring complex development to do so. 

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