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Five Key Principles of a BI Program

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, October 15, 2013

Steve Chang, solution architect at Slalom Consulting, writes for Information Management on what key principles you should be adhering to when building a BI program through successful collaboration with the business and visible executive sponsorship.

"The partner to the data warehouse in most cases is business intelligence. The proper foundation for data storage is critical, but enabling the business to drive value and make good decisions will take your organization to the next level. To achieve this, a business intelligence program has to be put in place. To get started, here are five fundamental principles of an effective business intelligence program.

1. Visible executive support.

Business drives everything. When the primary purpose of a BI program is to enable insight and decision-making in the business, it is imperative that top-level support from your organization exists and is visible. Many organizations have this support but the sponsor does not spend an adequate amount of time evangelizing and demonstrating the capabilities of the BI program."

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Source: Information Management

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