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Ford Embracing Analytics And Big Data For Eco-Conscious Decisions

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, October 29, 2013

Data is being used more and more to help understand where we can find efficiency. Ford has turned to analytics by gaining insight into their data not only to improve fuel efficiency, but minimize Ford's impact on the environment as a whole.

"Ford strongly believes in the use of analytics to help green both its cars and its operations.

Not too far from where factory workers assemble Ford cars and trucks, analytics experts in the company’s Research and Innovation Center are said to be building something entirely different but equally important: complex mathematical models to help Ford sharpen its competitive edge while limiting its environmental impact.

Launched 15 years ago as a small cadre of researchers, Ford said the group’s size and impact on the company has grown considerably while its mission is unchanged – chart a path for the company to a cleaner, brighter, better world and stronger business."

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Source: HybridCARS

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