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Forrester Predicts 'Minimal' Success for SaaS Integration

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keeping up with SaaS news is like trying to keep a litter of puppies in a box: Another piece is constantly popping up. Yet despite the flood of SaaS coverage, very few articles mention the integration challenges of SaaS.

That's too bad, because, as IT Business Edge has repeatedly pointed out, integration should be a core criteria when you're evaluating SaaS vendors.

One reason it's such an issue is that SaaS vendors seldom include integration as part of their sales package. According to this Supply & Demand Chain Executive article by a senior VP at appliance and SaaS integration vendor Cast Iron, 62 percent of IT executives say integration with non-SaaS applications is their number-one challenge when trying to roll out SaaS solutions.

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