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Four Ways to Leverage BI for Executive-Level Reporting

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightFriday, October 18, 2013

Trevor Dunham, director of Business Intelligence Services at OpenSymmetry, discusses for Information Management on how to use business intelligence tools effectively for executive level reporting.

"Businesses today have an increasing volume of sales performance data available from multiple sources. While most companies understand the potential value of this data, many struggle to turn it into actionable insights--especially at the executive level. Why? Because few organizations even have the right mix of business intelligence tools and processes to uncover hidden insights from within their data. Although even when they do, most companies still face challenges delivering insights to their management teams.

The problem is that many executives still depend on manually produced spreadsheets for managing and tracking sales performance. But static spreadsheets can’t deliver the real-time, actionable intelligence management needs to improve sales and achieve revenue goals."

Figure 1: Eighty-three percent of companies invest in sales performance management (SPM) technology to improve reporting at the management level. However, only 40 percent of those that make the investment realize an improvement in up-line reporting. Source: “2012 Sales Performance and Technology Survey: A Report by WorldatWork and OpenSymmetry

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Source: Information Management

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