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Google Gives Businesses New Dashboard

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, June 11, 2013

Google announced the launch of a new Google+ Dashboard, which is designed to help businesses manage their presence across Google properties, including Google+, AdWords, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.

Google’s Pavni Diwanjhi made the announcement in a Google+ post in which she said, “Today millions of businesses use Google+ to connect with their customers in meaningful ways. Many of these businesses also use AdWords to promote their products; Maps to update store info; and YouTube to publish high-quality video content (to name a few). We want to make it easier to manage your online presence – all across Google – so today we’re getting started with Google+ Dashboard.”

When you sign in to your Google+ Page, you can update your info like website URLs, store hours, phone numbers, etc. across all of Google from a single “Overview” tab.

You can also monitor your Google+ notifications, assign page managers, share photos and videos and start hangouts with followers right from the dashboard.

Local businesses can use the dashboard to access AdWords Express and Offers Campaigns, as well as insights like top searches for their business, top locations requesting driving directions and performance data for Google+ posts.

Google will soon be adding further functionalities.

When you log in to Google+ as your Page, you should see the dashboard icon in the navigation menu.

Source: WebProNews.com

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