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Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
How Can BI Techniques & Technologies Help With Your GRC Needs

by Steve BogdonWednesday, April 1, 2009


Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) is a wide area to navigate - in fact, it's a set of interrelated streams.  While business professionals are often aware of the term, many don't have a handle on what it means or how it can be of use to them.

In April, Dashboard Insight will be try to unlock the mystery of GRC and examine it from a business intelligence perspective.  We're using the month to not only address GRC basics but also give you as much content as possible on how you can benefit from all the techniques and tools that surround it.

We look forward to receiving your articles and dashboards as well as having you visit us in April!

During April you can expect to find the following articles:

A Beginner's Guide To Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

We'll do our best to clarify (in plain language) this seemingly vague subject area.

by: Robert Hunter - Dashboard Insight

Meeting Compliance And Managing Risk Through The Use Of Dashboards

The concept of GRC (governance, risk and compliance) can differ based on the organization and the type of governance or risk management that is being addressed. Although each organization may vary slightly, the fact remains that organizations are required to put processes in place to ensure they meet compliance and mitigate risk. These processes are supported by the use of solutions designed to manage compliance initiatives or risk, or that report on the progress, number of violations, or constraints put in place to maintain these solutions. One way organizations are starting to manage initiatives company wide is by deploying dashboards that enable executives and decision makers to see how the organization is performing as a whole as well as by identifying potential issues before they occur.

by: Lyndsay Wise - Wise Analytics

One-on-One with Thom VanHorn - VP, Global Marketing, Application Security, Inc.

Dashboard Insight recently spoke with Application Security's Thom VanHorn about the benefits of GRC software solutions, Application Security's recent partnerships, plus the mistakes people make with their database management systems.

by: Karly Gaffney, Dashboard Insight

One-on-One with Alvaro Lima, Chief Executive Officer, Modulo

Dashboard Insight recently spoke with Modulo's founder, Alvaro Lima, about their GRC product line, why they set up shop in the U.K. recently and what's causing their business to grow in these challenging times.

by: Karly Gaffney, Dashboard Insight

Merging Governance, Risk and Compliance with BPM

The merging of governance, risk management and compliance methodologies continues to gain visibility in both business and academic circles. Known as GRC, this tri-partied coalescence of best practices is now starting to get thorough support from business intelligence (BI) vendors around the globe. Much of the BI-centered GRC focus revolves around performance metrics and leading/lagging indictors that are rooted in traditional statistical or data mining-practices. However, there is an increasing proclivity to treat GRC more holistically.

by: William Laurent

Governance Dashboards

Corporate governance has become a leading topic of attention for senior management, company board members, and shareholders of businesses worldwide. It comes as no surprise then that business intelligence (BI) dashboards are beginning to tackle the complex field of corporate governance from both proactive and reactive perspectives.

by: William Laurent

One-on-One with Gaurav Kapoor, CFO and General Manager of MetricStream Inc

Dashboard Insight recently spoke with Gaurav Kapoor about his MetricStream platform, his GRC community and how he's positioned the company to go beyond being a "newcomer leader."

by: Karly Gaffney, Dashboard Insight

Bank Branch and ATM Risk Management Dashboard

This dashboard is actually a full solution for banks wishing to measure the risk status of their branches and ATM’s

We live in an age where everything we do as individuals is constantly being improved, or automated. Processes are being re-designed to meet each change. However, when we look at the incumbents in the space of business availability and application monitoring, we see those vendors treading water. Innovation in these organisations is as close as the next acquistion.

by: Stuart Geros

Risk Management Dashboards

Risk Management is now a top agenda item for corporate boards, even though there is not always a consistent and correctly structured approach to the handling of risk. As a premium component of corporate governance, the attention given to risk management topics will only increase in this century. Because of this focus, risk management dashboards are gaining prominence, as they attempt to tackle the many dimensions of business risk above and beyond the traditional areas such as legal, market, credit, and asset risk.

by: William Laurent

One-on-One with Joe Nicholson, Vice President of Marketing, Trintech

Dashboard Insight recently spoke with Trintech's Joe Nicholson about financial governance solutions, Trintech's corporate history and how Trintech uses B.I. elements to provide increased visibility and transparency within financial GRC processes.

by: Karly Gaffney, Dashboard Insight

One-on-One with Joe Krause, Director of Product Management, Trustwave

Dashboard Insight recently spoke with Joe Krause about GRC solutions and his company's acquisition of Mirage Networks, plus a quick snapshot of some new developments they have planned.

by: Karly Gaffney, Dashboard Insight

Dashboard Insight will be adding governance, risk management
and compliance articles all month of April, please check back often.

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