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Greater Need for Data Management Solutions Drives Zencos Partnership with DataFlux

Thursday, April 28, 2011

DataFlux, a leading provider of data management solutions, today announced a partnership with Zencos, a business intelligence (BI) and data management consultancy.  Zencos, is leveraging DataFlux technology to enhance its ability to deliver high-quality data warehousing and business analytics services to current and future clients.

As a longtime partner of DataFlux parent company SAS, Zencos provides counsel and oversight to organizations implementing SAS solutions, including recommending and deploying data quality and data management technology.  As customer interest in DataFlux and the award-winning DataFlux Data Management Platform continues to grow, Zencos sees an advantage in facilitating a closer relationship with DataFlux as a company.

With data volumes continually increasing, data professionals are being tasked to manage and consolidate that data amidst the plethora of delivery channels and customer touch points emerging daily.  This trend, often characterized as “Big Data,” is highlighting a need for the marketplace to integrate more data and new data sources. The impact of business analytics across various facets of business operations further drives the requirement for data management solutions that offer a single version of the truth for the enterprise.

“Our partnership with DataFlux is a reflection of demand for truly scalable integrated enterprise data management solutions,” said Ben Zenick, vice president of consulting services of Zencos. “As consultants, we’ve seen a need for companies to understand and develop processes that can report on the quality, accuracy and completeness of data prior to releasing it to users for consumption. There are many organizations making decisions based on poor-quality data as it comes out of their operational systems which can have disastrous results.  After working with some members of DataFlux for more than 15 years, I can safely say that their dedication to both their customers and their products is exceptional.”

Working with the DataFlux sales team and management, Zencos will provide guidance and implementation recommendations for DataFlux solutions, where appropriate, to current and future clients. Zencos also plans to build a portfolio of additional support resources on top of the Data Management Platform. Furthermore, Zencos will provide customer feedback and recommendations to DataFlux to enable product refinements and additions.

Tony Fisher, president and CEO of DataFlux, agrees: “Zencos and DataFlux share a history of customer loyalty. By helping guide customers through their implementations, Zencos is helping organizations achieve excellence in business analytics and data management with a foundation of data quality and data governance.”

About DataFlux

DataFlux enables business agility and IT efficiency by providing innovative data management technology and services that transform data into a strategic asset. A wholly owned subsidiary of SAS (www.sas.com), DataFlux helps organizations manage critical aspects of data through unified technologies and expertise that provide the benefits of data quality, data integration and master data management (MDM). To learn more visit www.dataflux.com.

About Zencos

Zencos architects, builds and supports business intelligence solutions that provide the vital intelligence necessary to interpret information accurately, allowing companies across all industries to make timely critical business decisions. Zencos is a SAS Alliance partner that offers a full breadth of solutions including hosted solutions, hardware and software planning, installation and configuration; application development and data storage mechanisms; training and ongoing SAS administration support. Learn more about the Zencos vision and strategy for business intelligence at www.zencos.com.

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