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Greenplum announces new data loading technology to increase speed for high-volume data loading

Monday, March 16, 2009

Greenplum, a data warehousing vendor, announced advancements in their product offerings with their new “MPP Scatter/Gather Streaming” (SG Streaming) technology aimed at increasing the speed of data loading within large-scale data warehousing projects.

With data volumes and demands for right time data increasing, it becomes important for businesses to be able to load and update multiple terabytes of data in a timely fashion and in some cases, multiple times daily.  Because of this, data warehousing vendors are constantly looking for ways to enhance their technology and bring more value to their customers. In general, many of these solutions are similar; therefore, added value such as loading times, the ability to support near real time, and compression rates, create slight differentiations in the performance of data warehouses and usefulness to organizations.

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