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Grid-Tools, the Leading Vendor in Test Data Management Techniques, Announces the Launch of Fast Data Masking™ for Teradata

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grid-Tools Ltd announce the launch of Fast Data Masking™ for Teradata, a fast and easy data masking solution for Teradata databases. Fast Data Masking™ (FDM), which was originally launched by Grid-Tools in early 2009 exclusively for Oracle databases, quickly allows users to mask (or de-identify), reduce, compress and reorganize test data in one simple operation. Through using data masking and data obfuscation functions, seed tables and high performance techniques, the customer will quickly and easily be able to create secure, legally compliant databases for testing, development training and QA.

Data masking is used to de-identify production data so it can be used anonymously outside of a production or ‘live’ environment for testing, development and QA projects. It is now standard best practice for companies to use data masking solutions to de-identify data records so the data can be shared with individuals across projects whilst hiding sensitive and private information. Likewise, obfuscating the data helps organizations stay compliant with regulations HIPAA, the PCI DSS and the GLBA whilst also protecting the data if it is stolen, lost or leaked during the testing and development cycle.

Article sourced from www.pr.com, click here to read full story.

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