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How data mining can boost your revenue by 300%

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, October 29, 2013

Having access to your information is key for any organization, however a recent article posted on CNN Money details just how important it can be. Cindy Waxer explains how data mining can boost your revenue by 300%

"For months, women's fashion retailer Sway struggled to lure customers to its newly launched website by blasting them with sporadic emails.

"It was pretty sad," said Cheyanne Sequoyia-Mackay, Sway's marketing manager. "Only about 20% of our customers were opening the emails."

That all changed when Sway turned to Retention Science's predictive analytics software in March. Since then, Sway's email marketing campaign has helped increase online revenue by 300%. Not only that, but now 40% of recipients are opening the emails and the number of click-throughs have tripled."

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Source: CNN Money

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