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How Data Visualization Experts See the Future

Monday, September 16, 2013

Will data visualization tools be able to keep pace with the burgeoning business intelligence / business analytics growth? How will thing change? Find out how some data visualization experts see the future.

Without a way to show correlations, trends and outliers, organizations now busy collecting multiple terabytes of data won't be able to pull out actionable insights.

Fortunately, data visualization software tools have been keeping pace with the promiscuous growth of data and data types. Even more promising, these powerful tools are now getting into the hands of regular business people, those without advanced degrees in mathematics, statistics or computer programming.

"Every organization is in some form or fashion leveraging business intelligence, even with Excel spreadsheets," Jennifer Marchi, global product marketing manager for business intelligence at SAS, told InformationWeek in a phone call. "Visualization lets them explore their data and ask questions they didn't before."

SAS's flagship product in this category is Visual Analytics, which can be deployed onsite, in a private cloud, in a public cloud or in the SAS Cloud

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Source: Information Week

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