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HRM Analytics — Dashboards, Cockpits And Mission Control

by Dashboard Insight, Dashboard InsightTuesday, December 10, 2013

A great and thorough post by Naomi Bloom, Bloom & Wallace, on Human Resource Management (HRM) Analytics and business intelligence:

Given our goal of driving positive business and/or mission outcomes via effective HRM, we are faced with three primary issues in developing our analytics program. In the order in which we must figure them out, they are:

  1. By what metrics will senior leadership know how HRM is impacting those results? How will be prove the hypothesized line of sight between specific HRM policies/programs/practices/plans and specific organizational outcomes?
  2. What analytics should be embedded in what HRM processes to bring about what improvements in what decisions by what organizational roles to drive those organizational outcomes? And what analytics should be used by which HR partners and specialists to shape those HRM policies, practices, plans, processes etc. toward that end?
  3. How do we avoid drowning in more analytics than we can absorb and upon which we can act? How can we organize the important analytics to ensure that they are presented to the right people and used effectively to drive results?

All too often, efforts to infuse HRM decision-making and shape the design of HRM programs/policies/practices/etc. with analytics begin with the obvious and easily measured rather than with the important and necessary to measure aspects of our business. Yes, it’s helpful to know how many “paychecks” were “cut” in a cycle (forgive me for using the lingo of your youth — in mine it was still pay envelopes filled with cash), but it’s a lot more important to driving business outcomes to know if our scarce compensation dollars are eliciting the desired behavioral results.

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Source: In Full Bloom

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